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Exceptional Work
A Broad Spectrum of Visual Expression

If you are searching for the work of accomplished artists at exceptional value, you have come to the right place.  The photographic work represented here is carefully prepared using cutting edge archival, wide gamut photographic pigments on museum quality, archival papers.  The results are both elegant and stunning.   In addition, we feature paintings by artists around the world, using oil, acrylic, and watercolor on canvas and paper.

LuminousImpressions.com is dedicated to presenting the work of exceptional artists engaged in a variety of media.  We have selected the crème de la crème in an attempt to provide you with work that survives well not just at a first glance but at each return viewing.

Each artist represented on this site has produced work marked by a mature, individual sensibility.  Featured artists are shown to the right.  Simply click on their online fine art gallery link to enter the artist’s homepage.  Once there, you may select from one or more galleries.  Each art gallery displays thumbnail images of the artist’s work.  Just click on a thumbnail to view an enlarged image and purchase options.  Click the Artists button on the navigation bar to return to this page if you want to visit a different artist's galleries.

Many of our artists focus on nature and landscape photography.  Our fine art may be offered both as framed and unframed Limited Edition fine art prints.

The navigation bar above, visible in all galleries, provides access to Luminous Impressions information, policies, and contact forms.  An additional navigation system is provided within the art galleries themselves, as described above

Some interesting sites for you to consider, showing more recent work by Eric Anderson, this site creator and owner:

Eric Anderson's 500px.com generated site:

Eric Anderson's blog, with images:

Visit our Artists On-Line Galleries

                            limited edition image reproductions

What God Created Galleries

Eric Anderson's work contains some remarkable photography, including spectacular western panoramas.  Eric works in both color and black and white, and has developed a set of proprietary techniques in image processing and printing, with truly magnificent results.  The prints must be seen to be believed!  The detail is well beyond anything you have seen in typical 35mm photography.

                            value fine art photography

Ken Buck Galleries

Ken Buck’s work represents his personal vision and commercial capabilities.  His work has been reproduced by over 100 publishers and his photographs are included in major corporate, private and museum collections. Genres include portraiture, social and natural landscapes.

Fleeting Moments Captured Gallery

John Landolfi: When light is the accomplice of imagination, a photograph can evoke sensual memories as if present, and conjure a feeling of place - Through light, with light….

MovementGabor Lang Gallery

Gabor Lang's work represents digital interpretations of photographic and graphical images.  His process consists of combining his drawing, photographic and fine art skills.  His works has been reproduced and displayed in several private collections.

Mojave Desert night photographyShadowOfLightProject

Brian Sherman is a night photographer capturing the beauty of the Mojave Desert.   His interest in photography began during his years as a mountaineer, but a severe back injury put an end to climbing exploits.  Three years ago Brian turned his focus to night photography and has won numerous awards for his photography.

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