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John Landolfi

I was first captivated and intrigued by photography when, as a child, I looked through the little prism finder on an old Kodak folding camera, and suddenly saw it as the portal through which I could enter unknown places, see new faces.  I started photographing more than casually in college, with my first decent camera, a Nikkorex with a 50mm lens that produced B/W images I can still look at today.  I was lucky to avail myself of the advice and expertise of my good friend Ray Frayne, a professional photographer and superb printer who, after a long career in one of the largest US corporations, is still a willing and perceptive critic of my work.

I eventually lost access to Ray’s darkroom, and for many years I loaded my cameras with Ektachrome, or Agfachrome.  I have never outgrown my fascination with the camera as object and mechanical marvel, and I have kept and still use all the ones I have acquired, from a Nikon F2Sb, to Retina’s IIIc and ReflexIV, to a Nikon F4s.  But I missed the ability to print, and I started to shoot digitally with a Nikon D1X and printing on an Epson 1280.  My current choices are the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D200, and the Epson 2400 with Ultrachrome inks, and, best of all, the fabulous Nikon lenses I have collected.

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My formal training is in science, and I recently retired from an academic career.  I have been showing my work since 2005, and my current credits include the cover photos for Clavier Magazine (July 2007), The Piano magazine (January, 2008), and Clavier Companion magazine (July 2009), as well as the still photography work for three DVD’s. The images are on the Commercial and Commissioned Work Gallery accessible from the main page. I have been the official photographer for the International Keyboard Festival and Institute at the Mannes College, NYC, since 2007.  

After viewing my Gallery, I invite you to visit my personal website, www.perlucem.com, where you will find many more examples of my work.  I print on Luster or Matte Archival quality paper in standard sizes.  The actual images vary in size, as dictated by subject and composition considerations in cropping.  I welcome your inquiries to help you select the medium and size you will find best.

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