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Gabor Lang

The artistic career of Gabor Lang began in the mid 1980's.  It was the period when a sudden impulse was felt in the intellectual life of Hungary, when events began to speed up, and various art groups, styles, and fashion trends were taking shape. 
At the end of the 1990's, Gabor already knew that he would not be able to live exclusively on art and also he knew that he would not want to give up his passion.  He created an independent sub existence as an IT professional.  Simultaneously, he worked tirelessly on building his own world with his own images, proceeding from year to year along the path he designed for himself.

The last 20 years he worked at different U.S. television networks as an IT professional.   His friends and his co-workers pushed him to create his own web site for his work.

Gabor Lang attended high school and college in Budapest.  He began to draw and photograph following his own instincts.  He studied drawing at Spring Drawing Studio in New York City.  He established himself as a successful IT professional.  His biggest support came from a well-known Hungarian artist Geza Nemeth.  Geza started pushing Gabor to explore different directions and styles of drawing and photography.  His influence led him to recognize the importance of collaboration of different style of expression and the computer technology.


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Gabor's love of travel and his fascination with different emotion and moods drove him to photography.  His images reflect the street and cities where ordinary existence becomes subject of his interest.  His images capture the street and the people in it who are living out their own imaginations as clowns and ballerinas and dancers and musicians.  Within his images of cities, he creates the illusion of familiarity to the place that makes you feel like a deja–vu.  New York City has given him a big canvas to create images that try to reflect the mood and emotion of the moment.

His ideas always combine imagination and skills.  His works has been reproduced and displayed in several private collections.

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