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Gabor Lang

Gabor's artistic process consists of combining his own photographic images with his drawing and fine art skills. Artists have always used the technological tools of their times, often expanding the creative use of those tools. An idea always combines imagination and skills. Creation is always about personal vision and expression.

I have started with 35-millimeter camera and since than I have always searched for the right angle, lights, or expression to capture the moment. I can fully appreciate technology that provides extended abilities to enhance the way I can create my visual images.   I am maintaining a visual art site: www.pictureman.org



Gabor is introducing "Movement " as his first series. Ancient Greeks believed that the Gods invented dancing and therefore they had associated it with their religious and worshipping ceremonies.  These images are like sculptures where the observer admires the joyous rhythm that binds them together into harmonious movements

Professional Discounts Available

Because of our focus on both fine art prints and decor art prints, all art in Movement Galleries is available at a discount for professionals, such as interior decorators. Please contact Anderson Creations at 775-782-9662 for details.

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Limited Edition Prints

In order to create an exclusive investment, all fine art prints from the "Movement" series are limited to an edition of 500 prints.  All prints will include signed documents to prove authenticity for the purchaser of the print.  I do not typically frame prints to keep costs lower, but custom framing is available upon request.


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