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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ordering question, please use the form below.

Artists wishing to apply for membership should use the form below.  Please check the "request for membership" checkbox.

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Artist Membership

Please note that LuminousImpressions.com does not display pornographic imagery.  Acceptance to LuminousImpressions.com is contingent on evaluation of an artists work.  Evaluation is conducted by a group of existing members.

Each artist will:


Be asked to submit six artwork samples in the form of JPEG files.  The largest dimension must be at least 500 pixels in order for review to take place.  Alternatively, if you have a website, your website URL will be sufficient.


Receive a questionnaire to be completed.  The questionnaire will ask you about your process of order fulfillment, including print technology.


Be issued a contract agreement to be signed by the artist.  The agreement will be available for review and sent to each artist upon application for membership.

Cost of membership is low.   There are no up-front charges.   Our commission is 20% of your sales price, not including shipping or tax.

Each artist will be issued an account, granting him access to the Gallery Manager.  This is the function that allows you to set up your online art galleries and fine art print display pages.

Apply for membership using the form on the left.  More information on artist accounts and the Gallery Manager is available on our About Us page.

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