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Luminous Impressions Background

The concept for this site came from work done by Eric Anderson of Anderson Creations, in discussion with various artist friends.  The goal of Luminous Impressions is to provide a vehicle for artists to display and sell their work in an easy to use and maintain environment.

The website was designed to allow the artist to handle the entire job of setting up one or more online fine art galleries to display nature and landscape photography.  The webmaster only is required to set up the artists account, create the initial artist home page, and make arrangements for any URL redirection, if requested. Thus, an artist can have his own domain name, which points directly to his online art galleries home page within LuminousImpressions.com.

We believe that the opportunity to display art work through the provision of a custom website and URL, with no cash outlay is innovative and possibly unique.  Artists are encouraged to take advantage of this marketing opportunity.

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Gallery Manager

Once the artist becomes a member, access is granted via a login page to the Gallery Manager.  The Gallery Manager provides the following functions:


Define your copyright notice


Define your online art galleries (gallery title and thumbnail arrangement)


Upload images and thumbnails to an online gallery


Define fine art image titles, descriptions, and keywords


Organize (rearrange) artwork within a gallery


Move art work between online galleries


Delete selected artwork from an online gallery


Define purchase options, including prices, descriptions, and shipping for each option.


Define frame/mat options and upload images of framed art prints.

Thus, you have complete control over your online art galleries, and do not have to wait on anyone to make changes or add new artwork.  A complete set of instructions is included with the Gallery Manager, which includes some tips on how to get the best image display for the site, and how to generate framed art print images for display.

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