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Travels in Italy
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Image 2125: Amalfi-Costiera Twilight

Image 2126: Amalfi-Dying Embers

Image 2127: Amalfi- Mauve Harbor

Image 2128: Napoli, from the bay

Image 2129: Naples, Leaving Vivara

Image 2130: Cortona, Eremo di San Francesco

Image 2131: Cortona, Val di Chiana

Image 2132: Cortona, San Niccolo’

Image 2133: Florence, Ponte Vecchio

Image 2134: Florence, Duomo Cupola

Image 2135: Ghiberti, Gates of Paradise, Detail

Image 2136: Florence, Revealing Twilight

Image 2137: Giambologna, Rape of the Sabines

Image 2138: Florence, Arno Twilight

Image 2139: Rome, Pantheon

Image 2140: Rome, S. Luigi dei Francesi

Image 2141: Rome, S. Luigi Dei Francesi, Nave

Image 2142: Rome, S.Maria sopra Minerva

Image 2143: Rome, S,Maria sopra Minerva , Vault Detail

Image 2144: Rome, St Peter Basilica, Bernini’s Baldacchino

Travels in Italy

Architecture, Art, Land ans Sea Scapes

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