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Seasonal Beauty
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Image 1187: Hope Valley Aspen Forests in Snow and Light

Image 1029: Brilliant Aspen Fall Colors, Great Basin

Image 1185: Vermont Hidden Pond Amid Fall Splendor

Image 1210: Calf Creek Fall Reflections

Image 1209: Eastern Sierra Winter Colors

Image 1190: Foggy Fall at Round Lake, Vermont

Image 1211: Eastern Sierra Carson Valley Sunrise

Image 1305: Sierra Nevada Lake Sunrise

Image 1306: Sierra Nevada Winter Storm

Image 1307: Sierra Nevada Winter Rock Garden

Image 1308: Carson River Rocks with Orange Lichen

Image 1309: Fresh Sierra Snow on Rocks and Trees

Image 1310: Aspen and Pine Trees in Snow and Light

Image 1311: Carson Valley Fall Reflections

Image 1312: Fall Foliage against Ancient Bark

Image 1313: Aspen Trees in 3-D

Image 1314: Rich Colors In Snow and Pine

Image 1325: Sierra Nevada Fall Spectacular

Image 1335: Job's Peak, Carson Mountains

Seasonal Beauty

Winter and Fall, Spring and Summer: the four seasons and the changes they bring to the world around us are what makes life so interesting. My favorites are fall colors and winter snow scenes, such as the aspen trees in Hope Valley above, or the Aspen trees at Great Basin National Park. Fall colors mixed with snow or water provides the most interesting scenes of all. Note the contrast between the black water of a Vermont hidden pond against the brilliant fall colors surrounding the pond, or the peaceful reflections in both hidden pond and round pond, which bring serenity to the visual and emotional experience of the viewer.

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