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The Study of Water:  Lakes, Rivers, Ocean
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Image 1026: Temple of Simawava View of Zion Canyon

Image 1018: Beaver logs in Lundy Canyon

Image 1019: Lake Moraine near Banff, Canadian Rockies

Image 1020: Summer Storm on Freemont River

Image 1025: Hawaiian Peach Sunset, Maui West Coast

Image 1024: Tufa Bay Sunset, Mono Lake

Image 1021: Late sunset backlight on Mono Lake tufa

Image 1186: Alpine Pond Ice and Water Reflections

Image 1228: Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park

Image 1198: Wild Ducks at Martin Slough Pond

Image 1303: West Fork Carson River Winter

Image 1304: Lundy Canyon Beaver Lake Reflections

The Study of Water:  Lakes, Rivers, Ocean

Of all the natural subjects of interest, water has to be the most varied and beautiful of all, and certainly my favorite. It is available in the power of the ocean, the beauty of lakes and sunsets, rivers and creeks, snow and ice, and the wonderful reflections from its surface. The surface texture - waves, ripples, textured snow and ice - lend a depth and visual impression to the image difficult to achieve with other subjects. Wildlife is drawn to the life-giving properties of water: sea gulls, ducks, and many other types of birds can enhance the beauty of any watery scene. Finally, lush plant growth - under the surface, on the surface, or around a body of water provides a wonderful contrast and the context for the visual experience.

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