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Wandering Eye
Copyright 2007 Kenneth R. Buck. All Rights Reserved.
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Image 1379: Hot Air Balloon, Little Compton, RI

Image 1431: Wave No. 6

Image 1380: Cryptic Message, Boston, MA

Image 1402: Big Bang, Little Compton, RI

Image 1408: Genesis, Mendon, MA

Image 1381: Fireworks, Little Compton, RI

Image 1401: Alpha Wave, Little Compton, RI

Image 1382: Frigid Sea, Wellfleet, MA

Image 1389: Dolphin, Little Compton, RI

Image 1414: Maelstrom, Newport, RI

Image 1385: Jagged Coast, Cliff Island, ME

Image 1409: Grand Stasis, Little Compton, RI

Image 1420: Sleepy Afternoon, Little Compton, RI

Image 1354: Wave No. 4

Image 1418: Palms, Newport, RI

Image 1390: Electric Grapes, Kennett Square, PA

Image 1391: Mystic View, Medford, MA

Image 1417: Pilings, Newport, MA

Image 1395: Synapse, Little Compton, RI

Image 1412: Independence Day, Little Compton, RI

Image 1415: MIddle Reservoir, Stoneham, MA

Image 1397: Watermark, Newport, RI

Image 1429: Wave No. 2

Image 1392: Spring, Mendon, MA

Image 1383: Graffiti, Boston, MA

Image 1428: Wave No. 7

Image 1393: Sugar Fit, Tiverton, RI

Image 1404: Dockside, Newport, RI

Image 1398: Barn Window, Adamsville, RI

Image 1396: Urban Gallery, Chinatown, Boston

Image 1416: Mystic River, Medford, MA

Image 1384: Harbinger, Little Compton, RI

Image 1358: Wave No. 8

Image 1407: Salvage, Newport, RI

Image 1432: Wave No. 4

Image 1413: Linkage, Little Compton, RI

Image 1427: Wave No. 9

Image 1174: Spring, Mendon, MA.

Image 1172: Silo, West Chester, PA.

Image 1175: Stone Cold, Malden, MA.

Image 1835: Heaven Sent

Image 1207: Gretchen, Malden, MA.

Image 1836: Seagull, Boston, MA

Image 1171: Sea Wall, Winthrop, MA.

Image 1173: Skylight, Providence, RI.

Image 1269: Claiborne Pell Bridge

Image 1423: Wurlitzer, Newport, RI

Image 1096: Art Gallery, Tiverton, RI.

Image 1101: Provender, Tiverton, RI.

Image 1136: Pumpkin, Lynnfield, MA.

Image 1162: Broadway Dreamer, Malden, MA.

Image 1163: Chaise Longue, Providence, RI.

Image 1164: Cheesecake Factory, Providence, RI.

Image 1167: Funeral Flowers, Winthrop, MA.

Image 1169: Paradigm Shift, Burlington, MA.

Image 1204: Gus, Malden, MA.

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