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Vintage Black and White Photographs
Copyright 2007 Kenneth R. Buck. All Rights Reserved.
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Image 1361: Aram, Watertown, MA

Image 1362: Phil Seibert, Brookline, MA

Image 1374: Vitoldas Paliulis, Barre, MA

Image 1363: Sharon at the Wadsworth Athaneum, Hartford, CT

Image 1377: Two Towers, Boston, MA

Image 1371: Window Reflections, Hartford, CT

Image 1365: Crazy Legs, Danbury Fairgrounds, CT

Image 1369: Head of the Meadow, Truro, MA

Image 1370: Monkey Business, Boston, MA

Image 1375: Foot Long, Jersey City, NJ

Image 1373: Vitoldas Paliulis, Barre, MA

Image 1364: Surface Tension, Fitzwilliam, NH

Image 1366: Dreaming, Fitzwilliam, NH

Image 1367: Fast Lane, New York City

Image 1368: Gorilla, Danbury Fairgrounds, CT

Image 1372: Ascent, Fitzwilliam, NH

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