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Nocturnal Desert
Copyright 2006 Brian Sherman All Rights Reserved
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Image 1326: Sky Island

Image 1327: Dark Energy

Image 1328: Inertia

Image 1329: Convergence

Image 1330: Electric Church

Image 1331: Joshua

Image 1332: Isolation

Image 1333: Repulsive

Nocturnal Desert

The Mojave Desert is a spectacular landscape punished by oppressive temperature extremes and slowly sculpted by unseen geological forces. This harsh enviornment is populated by hardy flora and fauna that thrives after the sun has sunk behind the horizon. There is a unique surreal quallity to the star filled sky above this magestic land that I have worked hard to capture. Not mearly a split second in time as most photography captures, but instead a portion of the night captured on one frame of film. Sometimes that portion of time may be 15 minutes and other times 7 hours is recorded to capture the mood of a particular scene.

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