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Scenic Beauty in Black and White
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Image 1009: Beaver Lake, Lundy Canyon, California

Image 1010: Hope Valley Aspen Winter Glory

Image 1011: Kahoolawe Island from Maui Beach

Image 1012: Afternoon Light and Rocks on Carson River

Image 1017: Carson River West Fork Snow Scene

Image 1199: Cottonwoods in Snow

Image 1297: Floriano Falls Sunset, Iguazu, Brazil

Image 1298: Fresh Snow on Nature Trail

Image 1315: Sierra Nevada Snowstorm

Image 1301: Sierra Winter on Carson River

Image 1302: Sierra Nevada Frozen Waterfall

Image 1334: Wally's Hot Springs, First Snow

Scenic Beauty in Black and White

Black and white photography is one of the most artistic medium of expression, and has been used by many very famous photographers. It is possible to express moods and highlight visual sensations with black and white photography that is difficult to achieve or even impossible with color photography. There are images that work well in color, but there are also images that work only in black and white. My goal is to discover the scenes that are a natural for black and white, that best elicit the emotional response experienced when first viewing the scene.

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