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Locomotive No. 759
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Image 1213: No. 759 Building Speed

Image 1215: No. 759 Stopping for Water

Image 1216: No. 759 at Cleveland Station

Image 1217: No. 759 Taking on Coal

Image 1219: No. 759 A Major Attraction

Image 1220: No. 759 in Ohio

Image 1221: No. 759 in Ohio

Image 1223: No. 759 in Rail Yard

Locomotive No. 759

In May, 1968, No. 759, an S-2 class 2-8-4, was married to the rails for a special excursion—celebration of the 100th anniversary of the completion of the transcontinental railroad. Built by the Lima Locomotive Works (August, 1944) for the New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad, No. 759 was among the last of a large fleet of fast freight Berkshire locomotives to compete successfully with diesels.

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