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Portrait Samples
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Image 1837: Frank, North Andover, MA

Image 1422: Victor's Birthday, Woburn, MA

Image 1632: Miriam, North Andover, MA

Image 1225: David Lang, Melrose, MA.

Image 1649: Ana, North Andover, MA

Image 1647: Maggie, North Andover, MA

Image 1293: Chris, Charleston, SC

Image 1285: Thomas Sgouros, Providence, RI

Image 1653: Chau Chow City, Chinatown, Boston, MA

Image 1639: Annie, North Andover, MA

Image 1633: Keith, North Andover, MA

Image 1646: John, North Andover, MA

Image 1200: Gabriel, Belmont, MA.

Image 1141: Elisabeth Elliott, Magnolia, MA.

Image 1651: Lisa, Chinatown, Boston

Image 1644: Kamie, North Andover, MA

Image 1645: Ray, North Andover, MA

Image 1131: Martin, Wellfleet, MA.

Image 1133: April, Providence, RI.

Image 1144: Stanton Friedman, Gaithersburg, MD.

Image 1147: Jack Coughlin, Wellfleet, MA.

Image 1128: Eunice, Melrose, MA.

Image 1838: Frank Chin, Boston, MA

Image 1294: Paul Silva, Boston, MA

Image 1160: Jack Coughlin, Wellfleet, MA.

Image 1159: Stanton Friedman, Gaithersburg, MD.

Image 1178: Michael S. Heiser, PhD., Gaithersburg, MD.

Image 1153: Joetta, Sakonnet Vineyards, Little Compton, RI.

Image 1139: Howie, Boston, MA.

Image 1152: Doug & Mack, Tiverton, RI.

Image 1288: Leah, Cranston, RI

Image 1654: Kelly, Shea and Nikki, Andover, MA

Image 1158: Guy Malone, Gaithersburg, MD.

Image 1132: Holman (Red) Thurlow, Portland, ME.

Image 1138: Marj, Atco, NJ. No. 1

Portrait Samples

My business name is: KEN BUCK Photography. Portraits in this gallery represent both personal vision and my commercial capabilities. Some fulfilled commercial assignments. I specialize in the following areas: Public relations, editorial/ illustration, business and social functions, portraits (people and pets) and documentation (poetic and prosaic) of personal possessions, i.e. yachts, houses, classic cars, et cetera. Assignments are undertaken on a selective basis. An e-mail address and studio telephone number are listed on the full biography page.

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